Ben Voegele

When I was seven years old, my family made a move internationally that would not only change my understanding of the concept of “home” but also start me on a lifelong path of understanding people and cross-cultural meaning. Having spent the last 30-plus years living, working, and traveling internationally, I still think and feel like a global citizen because that’s who I am and will always be. I’m a proud Third Culture Kid (TCK) that understands the ups, downs, and everything in between regarding overseas living, especially from a guy’s perspective.

Through humor, empathy, and real talk, I work with clients acclimating internationally and those repatriating back to their passport country. In addition to consulting and facilitating, I speak, write, and podcast candidly about my own stories and experiences of growing up globally. No matter where you are in your expat journey or in general, I’m here to help.