BenThere Episode 4: TCK & Writer Camille Funk Eckert.

Camille Funk is the author of the paranormal, historical romance: The Return Series, which has been read over 2 million times online.

Born in Singapore, she grew up in Taiwan where, without any access to TV, her love of creating stories began. She attended Simmons College in Boston, MA, receiving a BA in Education and English before traveling overseas and working as a teacher in Myanmar, Gabon, and Hanoi. She loves collecting stamps in her passport, and usually moves to a new country every 2-3 years. Together with her husband (Thomas Eckert), she raises her two children all over the world.

Camille is currently working on a stand-alone romance novel: Then & Now, which will be available for purchase in 2020.

Watch as Ben and Camille talk growing up overseas, being a TCK, being married to a TCK, raising TCK’s, parents, mentors, writing, travel, teaching and much more!

Social media:

Instagram: @thereturnseries @camillefunk3

Facebook: @Cfunk3

Wattpad: Cfunk3



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