BenThere Episode 7: TCK, TAS Alum, World Class Skier, Traveler, Techy, Artist, and Family Man, Alexander Goudsmit.


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Born in the Netherlands, Alexander Goudsmit has moved 28 times in his life, both within the Netherlands and overseas.

In his youth, Alex was a member of the Netherlands national youth ski team. A seven time  national youth champion in Alpine skiing, Alex had the honor of representing the The Netherlands at three youth Olympic Games.

The son of a diplomat, Alex and his family moved to San Francisco, California in 1983. He continued skiing for the Squaw Valley Racing Team before moving back to the Netherlands in 1986. A year later, Alex moved to Taiwan (just after his 17th birthday), where he attended and graduated from Taipei American School.

After leaving Taiwan in 1990, Alex went to the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, but ended up going back to Taiwan for a year in 1991.

Eventually moving back to The Netherlands to study photography, Alex ended up in IT, first as a part time job, but eventually turning it into a career.

Fluent in Dutch, English, French and German, Alex did consumer tech support, corporate and finally premium support progressing to technical roles as Technical Product Lead, Systems Engineer and Technical Account Manager before moving into management.

Alex met his wife, Anouk, during a ski trip in Austria. Together, they are the proud parents to son Jasper who was born in 2013. Alex still loves to travel (especially in combination with photography), is a music buff, still ski’s and also plays tennis in his free time.

Watch below, as Alex and I talk all things TCK, traveling, aging parents, skiing, photography, Europe, Asia, the USA, and being a family man!

Alex’s can be reached at the following:

Photos and paintings:



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