BenThere Episode 13: TCK, Writer, Ghostwriter, Novelist, World Traveler, Matt Davies.

Matt Davies grew up in Australia and Taiwan and has lived in the UK and China as an adult. He’s had lots of jobs in various sectors – hospitality, the hotel industry, fitness, film and video production and corporate communications.

Matt has been a full time writer and editor since 2006. He has written a self-help book for new parents, ghostwritten six published books, edited more than a dozen textbooks and writes for various websites and private clients. Most of his freelance writing/editing work these days is in the health sector.

Matt’s first novel, This Thing of Darkness, was published in 2018. He is now working on two more novels.

Matt is based in Melbourne, Australia, where he lives with his wife and two grown kids.

Matt can be reached at:

Facebook: Matt Davies
Instagram: mattdaviesx


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