BenThere Episode 15: TCK, Educator, Coach, Global Citizen, and Entreprenuer, Migz Carreon.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Migz Carreon began his international journey when, at the age of two, he and his family moved to Hong Kong. After living in Hong Kong for over a decade, Migz moved with his family to Taipei, Taiwan in 1991. Graduating from Taipei American School in 1995, Migz followed an opportunity to continue his basketball playing career and moved back to the Philippines for college. In 2000, Migz started teaching back in Taiwan and over the next thirteen years, he taught and coached globally with stops in Taiwan, China and the Philippines. Leaving the education profession in 2013 to pursue business and philanthropic efforts in China and the United States, Migz’s impressive resume includes being the Founder and Head of Programming of Emperor Crossfit (Shanghai), Founder and Creative Director of HollowRock Gear, Founder of RSTR Custom Sports Uniforms, Founder and Managing Director Sleeping Dragon Private and White Labeling Apparel Manufacturing, Director of HollowRock ScholarFit Fund, and the Director for Basketball Active Kidz Shanghai.

Migz is one of the most positive, driven, creative and humble people I’ve ever met! Give this one a watch/listen!

**Apologies for the technical glitch, but we were able to post both the first twenty minutes of the interview and then the remaining interview on a second post.

Migz can be reached at:
Facebook: Migz Carreon
Instagram: miguelc_hrg
WeChat: migz_ecf

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First 20 min or so…
The rest of it…

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