BenThere Episode 16: Expat, Principal, Husband & Father, Kevin Haggith.

Originally from Western Ontario, Canada, Kevin Haggith has been Principal of Shanghai Community International (SCIS) Lower School for the past five years. His personal learning journey began in Canada and has expanded with his family through Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. Kevin’s initial interests in photography and film making led to a degree in communications followed later by studies in environmental science and economics. Eventually a career in teaching led to a degree in Education followed by a Masters in Administration and Leadership. His principal qualifications came through the Ontario Principal Counsel. His overseas career has ranged from being the Learning Technology Coordinator in Hong Kong to an administrator in Canada, Kuwait, and China. Returning to China in 2015 has been a wonderful experience with many more adventures yet to be had and many interesting people to meet. Kevin lives in Shanghai with his wife, Janette, and is the proud father of four adult TCK children.

Watch as we talk about internationally living, the expat life, international education, working in the educational world during a global pandemic, raising kids overseas, Shanghai, music, best advice ever given, travel wish lists, hobbies, acclimation, and more!

Kevin can be reached at the following:

Instagram: kevinhaggith

BenThere Episode 16, Kevin Haggith.

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