BenThere Episode 17: TCK, Mom, Mental Health Counselor, and World Traveler, Kirsten Ambrose Martin.

Kirsten Ambrose Martin

Kirsten Ambrose Martin is a TCK who grew up in Latin America and completed her upper schooling in Taiwan and Singapore. After graduating from Wake Forest University, she married a fellow Singapore American School alumni and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lived and worked for seven years. She chose to stay home with her three kids and ironically, got transferred to the US with her husband’s bank as expatriates.
During the years with her kids at home, she began a foundation providing support to schools and students in Honduras. Kirsten returned to graduate school (when her youngest was in middle school) to become a mental health counselor and now works as a counselor in Boca Raton, Florida.
Beside traveling the world and diving into new cultures, Kirsten loves meeting new people, hiking, playing tennis, reading and discussing a good book with good friends. she’s currently enjoying time in Northern Michigan with her family for the summer.

Watch as we talk cultures, family, living overseas, acclimation, raising kids, mental health, counseling, marriage, and much more!

Kirsten can be reached at the following:

Instagram: Kmm555

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