BenThere Episode 18: TCK, Humanitarian, Comic Book Writer, Husband, and Hot Springs, AR City Board Candidate, Seth Louton.

Seth Louton

As the son of missionaries, Seth Louton spent a significant chunk of his childhood living in Asia before returning to the United States in 1991. After graduating high school, he attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. While at college, Seth met his wonderful wife Lisa. Seth and Lisa worked in the funeral home industry until relocating to China where their work had them focusing on humanitarian projects including building clean water wells in Henan province, establishing one of the first foster care programs for children that had been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and working with the provincial government in setting up clinics for the elderly and children with developmental issues. They also ran a feeding program for the children’s cancer wing at Shanghai Children’s Hospital. While in Shanghai, Seth and Lisa translated and published a comic book into Chinese which ultimately led to Seth self-publishing his own comic book once they were both back stateside. With some personal health issues and the passing of Seth’s mother, Seth and Lisa decided to remain in Hot Springs, Arkansas to be close to family. Currently running online sales for a small business, Seth and Lisa have recently been asked to oversee the social media pages for church groups in southern Asia. In July of 2020, Seth also announced his candidacy for a position on the City Board of Hot Springs.

Follow Seth’s candidacy at:

Seth can be reached at:

Instagram: sethtakesphonepictures


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