BenThere Episode 22: World Traveler, Photographer, Tedx Speaker, Domestic Abuse Survivor/Advocate, and Covid-19 Investigator, Hannah Petrillo.

Hannah Petrillo

Raised in Portland Oregon, Hannah hadn’t traveled outside of North America until she was nineteen when she headed on a solo five-month trip to Africa. There, she put her newly earned Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license to use volunteering at a hospital in Kenya and for an NGO in Uganda.

Fast-forward to today, Hannah is now twenty five and a world traveler with plans to visit every continent by the age of thirty and every country by the end of her lifetime. So far, she has been to five continents (Antarctica and Australia still remain) and thirty seven countries. Among her most memorable are Uganda, Italy, India, Panama, Chile and the Philippines. And, while not a TCK herself, she hopes to raise her future children abroad as TCK’s.Besides traveling, Hannah spent much of the last few years living and studying in BC Canada at Quest University, graduating with a BS & BA in 2019. There, she studied “What makes an individual healthy?” She studied this question using an interdisciplinary approach that drew on biological, psychological and sociological disciplines.

During her university years, she was in an abusive relationship. After cutting ties for good, she went on to become a voice in the Domestic Violence (DV) community. The victim statement that she gave during her abusers sentencing has since been used by DV resource centers for awareness and by the local police department as a tool to train officers on what DV can look like. She has also been featured as a TEDx speaker. Her talk is titled, “Domestic Violence: What Everyone Needs to Know” (go listen!)Currently, Hannah is working tirelessly on the COVID-19 response in the State of Washington as a Disease Intervention Specialist Supervisor.

In March, when the world came to a halt, Hannah was living with a local family in Panama, studying Spanish. The day before Panama shut down their airports, she managed to get a flight back to the US. That same week she returned home is the week she was supposed to set sail for Columbia and travel South America with her boyfriend. She hopes to resume those plans once the pandemic has settled.In her downtime, Hannah is an avid photographer. She showcases her work on 2 different Instagram accounts – one of which is a personal page that she documents her travels on (go follow) and the other which is dedicated to images of people that she has come across in her life and travels (highly recommend that you check it out!).

Hannah can be reached at the following:




TEDx Talk:

Victim Statement:

Instagram (personal and travel photos):

Instagram (portraits / candid’s of people):


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