BenThere Episode 24: TCK, Father, Husband, Soccer Fan, and Montreal Transplant, Matt Tapley.

Matt Tapley.

Matt Tapley was born in New Mexico, but started moving with his family almost immediately with stops around the States, South America, Europe and Asia due to his fathers career as an engineer. While living in Taiwan, along with his siblings, Matt attended Taipei American School (TAS). After high school, Matt went to college in Spain where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Currently living in Montreal, Canada, and believing it to be one of the greatest cities in the world, Matt is married to internationally recognized fitness champion Jurney Tapley Roga, and has a beautiful and active ten year old daughter who loves loves soccer, skiing, tennis and school. Matt admits that his daughter is the one true thing that keeps him cool nowadays.

Professionally, Matt has been working in the electronics industry as a corporate Vice President at Future Electronics for the last twenty years, has dabbled in the restaurant business owning a wine bar for four years called Veno, sold that and traded up for his amazing daughter. Passionate about soccer, Matt has attended major soccer tournaments around the globe for the last twenty years. Also a big runner, Matt’s taking a break due to an unfortunate leg injury involving a wine glass.

Matt can be reached at the following:


Instagram: tapleymatt



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