BenThere Episode 25: TCK, ATCK, Intercultural Trainer, Speaker, Facilitator and Writer, Megan C. Norton.

Megan C. Norton.

Ms. Megan Norton is an intercultural training consultant, facilitator, and researcher focused on supporting cross-cultural families. Her expertise as an intercultural trainer combined with her experience in international education has enabled her to design socio-emotional and educational programming tailored to globally mobile families and youth. Megan mentors, writes, and consults to enable Third Culture Kids, families, and cross-cultural workers to identify and implement tools and strategies that will help them transition well and thrive wherever they are. Growing up as a U.S. diplomat dependent/Third Culture Kid, she lived in 6 countries (the U.S., South Africa, South Korea, Germany, Japan, and Israel) and has lived in 4 more as an Adult Third Culture Kid (Austria, Greece, Hungary, Poland) in addition to 5 U.S. States (Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Washington DC, and Michigan). She loves hearing TCKs share their stories and supporting their journey into their next ‘home.”

Megan can be contacted at the following :


Instagram- mcn320



Watch as we chat about third culture living, growing up internationally, living overseas as an adult, acclimation, intercultural training, TCK misconceptions, cross culture sensitivity, global perspectives, writing, speaking, facilitating and so much more!

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