BenThere Episode 26: TCK, TCK Coach, Podcast Host & Global Citizen, Jen Mohindra.

Jen Mohindra

Jen Mohindra is a TCK who grew up between the UK, Australia and Kenya (with a bit of backwards and forwards thrown in there for good measure!). After a career that included hospitality and banking, and another move from Sydney to London in her 30s, Jen found that she was struggling with feelings of restlessness and rootlessness. The work she did with a coach was so profoundly successful in enabling her to settle and find peace that she retrained to become a coach herself. Jen works with adult TCKs, to help them leverage their TCK journey and find their place in the world.

Jen also has a very successful podcast show called People Like Us, which is a series of interviews with other TCKs. Feedback on her podcast has included ’at last! A podcast show for people like me!’.

Watch us as we chat growing up internationally, the concept of home, international schools, acclimation, advice for families living globally, the perks of international living, struggles TCK’s face in adulthood, being a TCK Coach, helping TCK’s leverage their journey into finding their place in the world, hosting a podcast and much more!

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Jen can be contacted at the following:



Instagram: jenmohindra_tck_coach


Facebook Page: @JenMohindra

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