BenThere Episode 30: TCK, Mom, Wife, Advocate & Nurse, Erin Mckenny Morris.

Erin McKenny Morris

Born in Sacramento, CA, Erin McKenny Morris moved to Hong Kong at two years old. After spending seven years in Hong Kong, she and her family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where they lived for three years before heading back stateside to the heartland of Peoria, IL. The next six years were spent living in the Midwest while always missing and wishing for life back overseas. That wish came true, albeit at a challenging time, as her senior year of high school was spent in Tokyo, Japan when her family, once again, was relocated internationally.

Four more years of expat living and traveling “home” to Asia took place while Erin attended college at Butler University, studying Elementary Education and Communications. While working at GE, Erin also started spending a lot of time volunteering for the Special Olympics. After getting married in 2003 and quickly starting a family, Erin became a stay at home mom while also spending a lot of time doing philanthropy work for various causes. In 2010, the youngest of her four children, Ben, was born with Down Syndrome. This blessing brought with it a whole new focus and passion for Erin and her entire family. The past ten years have provided Erin with both challenges and great fortunes of being the Founder of GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center in Hillsborough, NJ and continuing advocacy work and fundraising efforts through Ben’s Buddies in honor of her son.

Not one to slow down or take it easy, Erin has also began pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse and is currently working as a clinical care technician while also being enrolled in nursing school with an expected May of 2021 graduation.

Watch as we chat overseas living, culture, acclimation, family, childhood memories, parenthood, Down Syndrome advocacy, Covid, nursing, dreams, travel and much more!

Erin can be contacted at the following:


Instagram: eronross



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Benthere Episode 30, Erin McKenny Morris

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