BenThere S2 E8: TCK, Military Brat, Humanitarian, Historian, Traveler & Renaissance Man, Barry Barnes.

Barry Barnes

Barry Barnes grew up both a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Military Brat (MB) living predominantly on military bases in both the United States and the Philippines. Having lived in 41 houses by the time he was 19 years old, Barry is indeed a global citizen with a true understanding of people and culture. Professionally, Barry spent time as a behaviorist, high tech executive, entrepreneur, software industry spokesman, author and corporate consultant.

Currently living in Reno, NV, with his wife, Liz, retirement hasn’t slowed Barry down at all as he continues to travel the world, is a writer, and artist, a humanitarian, a classic car restorer, a woodworker, do-it-yourselfer, a carpenter, a collector, a volunteer, a lifetime learner, an observer and commentator, a wisdom collector and so much more!  A true historian and Renaissance Man, Barry’s story is both unique and fantastic! 

Watch as we discuss Barry’s early years, family life, growing up on military bases, living outside of the United States, travel, cultures, writing, beliefs, careers, humanitarian work, hobbies, “retirement life”, lifetime learning, art work, and much more!  

Barry can be reached at:  


S2 E8, Barry Barnes


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