BenThere S2 E10: Global Citizen, Architect, Designer & Twin, Valeria Lie Alonso.

Valeria Lie Alonso

Valeria Lie Alonso is co-founder of the international design studio Lie Alonso alongside her twin sister, where they create transcendental spaces and pieces in the realms of architecture, design, furniture and aviation. Daughters of the New World, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, the twins’ ancestry stems from a Spanish father & Surinamese-born Hakka Chinese mother.

Having lived in Brazil, United States, and now in the United Kingdom, she has developed international multimillion-dollar projects from concept through completion, managing affluent & Forbes 500 clients while coordinating projects with various teams and companies worldwide, expanding her experience in industrial design and the luxury market. Previously, she worked for two of the largest business jet manufacturers in the world, Embraer Executive Jets and Gulfstream Aerospace. During this time, she directly engaged in winning international sales and delivery campaigns, traveling the world guiding clients through the extensive process of personalizing aircraft interior and exterior designs.

Valeria has uprooted her life twice, first by leaving her career in Brazil, and then again in the US to pursue her dreams and aspirations. She immigrated to England right before Brexit and COVID-19’s lockdown, where she reunited with her twin and has been focused on building their life long vision, celebrating their heritage through their multidisciplinary practice.

At Lie Alonso, their creative philosophy represents a fusion of influences, developing unique spaces and pieces that transcend the classical and contemporary ages, with a sophisticated approach and a sense of ease and wonder. Their deep connection to distinct cultures brings an intrinsic way of understanding clients’ needs and desires, envisioning global perspectives, and uniting multidimensional aspects into rich cohesive designs, full of personality, charm, and effortless presence.

Watch as we talk culture, home, traveling, chasing dreams, starting an international business, family, global perspectives, and much more!

Valeria can be reached at:


Instagram: valerialie


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S2 E10, Valeria Lie Alonso


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