BenThere S2 E11: TCK, Award Winning Artist, Singer, Musician, Mom & Wife, Angela Soffe.

Angela Soffe

Angela Soffe is an award-winning artist raised in Asia and now based in Washington state. Known for her intimate vocals and piercing lyrics, her songs are morsels of real life wrapped in honest Americana. Her recent album, “Second Wind” won the nomination for “Americana Album of the Year” by the Independent Music Awards 2019. Her new single, “Rocks” also won the Great American Songwriting Contest in 2019. Her work and story has been featured on independent films, commercials, and podcasts worldwide. She’s recording and releasing her next album in Nashville, TN in 2021.  

Watch as we chat about growing up in Asia, travel, acclimation, cultures, family, music, songwriting, pursuing dreams, plus an acoustic performance of her hit, “Rocks” at the very end of the interview!

Angela can be reached at the following:  


Instagram- angelasoffemusic 



BenThere S2 E11, Angela Soffe Interview.

Music Video of “Rocks”

Official Music Video, Angela Soffe “Rocks”


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