Photo courtesy of Mohamed Nohassi

A new year rings in a lot of reflection, hope, and potential for better days ahead. Like so many, 2021 was rough for me as I battled setbacks, frustrations, and personal loss. The new year is supposed to be about fresh starts, optimism, and change, yet two weeks into 2022, I’ve keep catching myself reflecting on the negative that happened over the last twelve months. I admit that being human can be hard at times, especially when dealing with things out of one’s own control. Wheels spin, rabbit holes get fallen into, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel seems like an impossibility, especially the more we crave stability. We want things to instantly improve or a return to a simpler time, but that’s not reality or how life works, unfortunately. In other words, we can’t go back and there’s no speed up machine to the future. 

Truth be told, I’ve been guilty of wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else, and whether intentional or not, I’ve also taken others for granted. I’ve pointed the finger and used specific situations as the scapegoat for my own frustrations. Yet if 2021 taught me anything, it was the notion that nothing is promised to any of us. Pandemics can remain, health can quickly turn, plans can be altered quickly, and constants can crumble. We tend to overthink and worry about things that really don’t matter instead of living in the now and simply being at peace with not only who we are, but where we are. I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue to dream big and better ourselves, because we absolutely should. We must have goals and dreams, as that’s what keeps the human spirit thriving. What I mean is that instead of dwelling on the past and desperately craving the future, we should put more energy into being present in the moment. Live for today, that is. Love harder. Care deeper. Listen more. Judge less. Have fun. Take risks. Let go of grudges. Travel. Stop blaming. Start living. Obviously, I’m not reinventing any wheels regarding those suggestions, as we’ve all seen and probably read them before, but seeing and doing are two separate things. If you don’t like where you’re at, change the circumstances. Period.

While I’m not one to make detailed resolutions for each new year, I do believe in making changes. Loss can open the eyes to regret and regret is something I’d like to avoid more of this year. Letdowns and misfortunes happen to us all, but it’s how we respond that determines the progress we make. Hiding behind our stumbling blocks only intensifies our willingness to dwell on the past instead of focusing on the good. Using our setbacks as motivation for change starts by taking ownership and with a new year upon us, no time is better to act upon than right here and right now. Someone I respect greatly recently told me that it’s alright to give myself permission to be a little selfish if that means creating space and the right frame of mind for me. That’s something I couldn’t agree more with, as change takes time. At the end of the day, most people are dealing with things the rest of us know nothing about, so while working on ourselves this year, let’s also be kinder in general. Simply stated, life is short, so just enjoy the ride a little bit more.

Wishing you and yours a happy 2022 full of health, happiness and change.



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