BenThere Episode 9: World Traveler, TCK/ATCK, Wife, Mother, Humorist, Debby Krieger Bever!

Debby Krieger Bever originally moved to Taipei, Taiwan in 1977 and it was quite the adventure for the Krieger family! With the US Military still in Taiwan at the time, Taipei American School (TAS) was packed with American students. Everything changed in 1979 when overnight, the American population in Taiwan literally disappeared. So began the roaring 80’s in Taipei, where many businessmen and their families lived in the wild wild east. In Debbie’s opinion, it was the greatest decade in Taipei! Having been there at roughly the same time, I agree!

Debby spent K-12 at TAS, apart from 6th grade which was spent at Singapore American School (SAS). Debby was very involved in athletics at TAS, and after graduation competed in track in college. Being a TCK, Debby decided to investigate every college in the country and transferred several times, just to see what different states looked like. Debbie eventually graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA with a degree in Psychology.

After graduation, Debby and her husband Grant (who attended Jakarta International School (JIS) ) moved around the USA as he was in the Marine Corps. Two boys later, they finally settled in Bend, Oregon…for a while. Grant’s job as a private corporate pilot has allowed them to move around quite a bit. They have lived in Oregon, Washington, Shenzhen, China, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (Grant also spent time in Afghanistan and Singapore).

Debby owned a food business for years in Bend, and a beer pub. But her favorite job was as a radio DJ on four local stations in Bend. After living in Taiwan the past 18 months, Debby and Grant just returned to Bend in March and are excited to be able to see their two college boys (Cordel and Cole) a little more often as both attend the University of Nevada-Reno. Debby runs an Airbnb attached to their house in Bend, and Grant is busy flying around the world. Or, more accurately, the open parts of the world right now.

Debby’s contact info is:


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