BenThere Episode 23: TCK, Marine, Husband, Father, Son, Brother & Mentor, Scott McCann.

Scott McCann was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Malaysia and Taiwan. A high school graduate of Taipei American School (TAS), he loved living overseas as it instilled in him the desire to give back to his home country (USA) the same freedoms being overseas gave to him. Scott attended Texas A&M University knowing nothing about the university except that it had the largest ROTC program in the nation. Scott loved his experience at Texas A&M with its traditions, its values, and his time serving in the Corps of Cadets. After graduating, Scott was commissioned into the US Marine Corps and was stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. He spent a little free time surfing, but mostly worked nights and weekends completing his MBA at Chaminade University.

After finishing his active service, he accepted a job with Motorola in Austin, Texas. After three years at Motorola, he took a role with a startup company, NetSolve, that was eventually acquired by Cisco. Still based out of Austin, as a Client Executive with Cisco, Scott maintains and provides global responsibilities for his customers.

In his free time, Scott tries to squeeze in a few rounds of golf and enjoys home automation projects. Mostly,though, Scott likes spending time with his family that includes his wife of nearly 18 years, Jenny, and kids Georgia (11) and Jackson (7). Scott also admits that as a family, one of their goals to find the best sand on the planet!

Scott can be contacted at the following:


Instagram: mccann3356



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